Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow (and wrought iron) in Paris!

Hear the shouts of joy?
You got it! It's been snowing here in Paris these last few days!

Even in the metro!

Even ON the metro!

But better the metro than a Vespa in this weather! Especially if you're racing to the hospital to have your fourth child or something...Just think of it!

Someone's poor, little hands are going to be very cold!

Because some bad, little kitten lost his mittens despite the string!
How could that happen, Mom?

Oh, and another bad, little kitten left the geraniums out!

Is that the Monique do you think? Covered with snow?

Don't tell me! Can it be? Omi and Opi's idol! President Sarkozy's finance minister, Christine Lagarde!!! Yes, there she is! Look a little closer!
I think haiku might be in order!

La fontaine St. Michel is probably frozen through, just like Wolverine lake!
By the way, where do the bass go when the fountain's frozen, Mom?

Anyone for an EASY-CUT COCONUT Cyzer on the coconut-covered terrace?

Ah, it's certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!
Hope it is out your way too!


  1. Thanks for that pic of Mme. Lagarde! We were pining away now that she no longer does C-Span!

    Here the snow lies on...well, inner suburbia...

  2. This blog is enough to make me want to change a song: I could break out singing "Christmas in Paris..." instead of "April in Paris" any moment. Snow makes everything look pristine even neglected landscapes.
    Thanks for the beautiful views of snow on cast iron work. Even the geraniums seem to enjoy it.
    The special treat of seeing Mme. Lagarde is greatly appreciated, she is after all our "French Idol". Wish we had someone of her calibre instead of our Sarah P....