Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun with the Riordans!

The following is a selection of photos showing some of our many recent activities. These photos are in chronological order, approximately, and they've been selected for your viewing pleasure by Malcolm and Henry. Some of the early pictures are before our cousins, Shae, Atlee, and Greeley arrived, with their parents, Susan and Rich. But most of these are when we were all together, thus the name of this post, Fun with the Riordans!

We hope that these photos are self explanatory because we're all pretty tired now and ready to settle in for the first chapter of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Thinking of all of you, bye.

Monday, July 27, 2009

We've been very busy lately, so...

We haven't updated this blog. For an update on what we've been up to recently, here in the U.S., check our uncle John's blog, here -->

One of these days, we'll post more news here too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bonjour La France

Ce blog parles aussi Français! Nous nous amusons bien aux États Unis avec Katie, Monique, John, Omi, et Opi. Nous avons commencés ce blog pour raconter nos vacances durant cet été. Nous avons ecrits en Français ce petit texte pour les personnes qui n’arrivraient pas à lire l’Anglais. On pense à toute la famille.

En reponse de toutes tes questions, Maman:

Nous mangeons seulment des doughnuts, Cheerios, et cinnamon toast.
Pas de preparations quand on achete des doughtnut prêt-à-manger.
Nous jouons la nuit et nous dormons le jour.
Ici Katie:

Katie aimes marcher le jour quand nous sommes endormis.
Non, nous nous interessont aux autres Big Bass.
Nous avons fait coulés le canoe parce que nous étions três gros en mangent des doughnuts.
Nous ne parlons jamais parce que nos bouches sont remplie de doughnuts.
Lefty-mobile? Nous apprenons à la conduire.
Elle a fait le trajet une fois et elle n’éspère pas le refair.
Nous éspèrons que nos reponses t’amusent.

Gros bisous!!
Michelle: Site is now set so that you can comment too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Detroit Trek

Yesterday, the pontoon pirates took to space. After an unsuccessful fishing cruise in the morning with John we had lunch. While we ate we watched an episode of Star Trek so that we could get to know the program and the characters. And then we went to the Star Trek exhibit at the Science Museum in Detroit.

We had so much fun on the Enterprise, but, we have no picutres because it is against Star Fleat rules to take picutres there.

The things we liked most were the Bridge, the Transporter, and costumes, the captains chairs, and the whole thing.

After the Star Trek exhibit we went into the rest of the museum while we waited for the IMAX movie to start. Here are some pictures of what we did there.

Henry on a gantry crane.

Malcolm driving a car that trains people to drive more safely.

Fun with static electricity.

If you look closely you will see a vortex in the center of this display, a sort of small tornadoe.

Here, Malcolm is posing with some couch potatoes, an exhibit about how to stay activie, excersise more. When we got home, however, it was Henry who became a couch potatoe for the night.

Update from Wolverine Lake

On Saturday the pirates took a trip to see Omi and Opi, two older pirates and montores. We visited a flea market while we were there and we got a Viking helmet for me and for Malcolm a jacket and a tackle box that we are now sharing. We also went to the park up the road from Omi and Opi's on scooters and that was fun.

Above is the picture of our flea market adventure and below is a picture of Malcolm and I are inspecting our tackle boxes, full of new lures, hooks, weights and all those things that come in tackle boxes.

Before dinner I played a game of rummikub and beat Monique. Omi was helping a little bit.

For dinner we had chicken and a nice salad "from the garden," just like Madelaine says about her own salads. Here is a picture of us at dinner.

After dinner I played the violin so Omi and Opi could see how much I have learned. Here is a picture of me playing.

Then we drove back to Wolverine Lake, fell asleep in the car, and, fortunately, Katie did not throw up again on this trip home.

We will send more reports from Wolverine Lake very soon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Fishing on the Lake

Here is Henry, the first to catch a bass this year with a simple hook and worm.

And then, just minutes later--literally--Malcolm caught another beautiful, big bass.

Two beautiful bass on Fishing Day One! A rather nice start for the Pontoon Pirates' fishing season.

Early in the morning the day after, the two Pontoon Pirates decided to go in a canoe to catch another big bass. It was a successful day for the Pirates because they caught another big bass. If you want to see it, there it is in the picture above.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A good start!

We are just starting this blog, we pontoon pirates, and we're learning as we go. So, stay tuned and we'll post some nice photos soon.