Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jerry Photo of the Month

The first runner up was :

Second runner up :

For any of you looking for any other news, Mom actually sent an e-mail this morning! She figured some of you might not be looking for it...


  1. Is Jerry really this pliant a photo model? That seems unbelievable for one of the members of the independent-minded cat species. Jerry looks as though he actually enjoys these poses in cozy places and attention. As a dog person myself I have to say that I started to LOVE Jerry already.
    Perhaps, as the well remembered Samson of years past, Jerry may some day cross the Atlantic too????

  2. You area$èèèèèèèèèèèèèy assuming we put Jerry into these poses. No, no he got into the fish bowl all alone! "Fun in a bowl" we call it! (By the way, the extra characters up there come from Jerry walking on the key board...)

  3. Love that subtle light thrown on the picture by those magic candles the frog twins are holding!