Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Special Post

For Shea, Atlee, Greely and Emerson's Uncle Micheal in DC who seeing this picture on this blog :

said :

"The picture of the three kids playing their games should be above a New York Times article about 'how video games are ruining our kids' or something."

Last week-end's edition of Le Monde Magazine (which you can catch here if you're interested) did a special on screens, teens and tensed up parents and here is one of the photos they used to illustrate it :

Bravo Uncle Micheal in DC! Not only are you a super, stand-in-for-mommy photoblogger, you could also be the editor of the week-end Washington Post!


  1. Nice catch, Michelle.
    Yes, the issue of screens in our hands, at all times, everywhere, and at every age is borderless, looks like.

    I must say, I like the starkness of the picture of the adorable Riordan children even better than the one in Le Monde Magazine, don't you?

    And, cheers to you, Uncle Michael.

  2. I love that photo! So NATURAL!

  3. Considering evolution, I wonder whether future generations of humans may grow larger or more flexible thumbs. I find mine not yet quite adequate for texting. But then I am still of the keyboard generation.