Monday, July 20, 2009

Update from Wolverine Lake

On Saturday the pirates took a trip to see Omi and Opi, two older pirates and montores. We visited a flea market while we were there and we got a Viking helmet for me and for Malcolm a jacket and a tackle box that we are now sharing. We also went to the park up the road from Omi and Opi's on scooters and that was fun.

Above is the picture of our flea market adventure and below is a picture of Malcolm and I are inspecting our tackle boxes, full of new lures, hooks, weights and all those things that come in tackle boxes.

Before dinner I played a game of rummikub and beat Monique. Omi was helping a little bit.

For dinner we had chicken and a nice salad "from the garden," just like Madelaine says about her own salads. Here is a picture of us at dinner.

After dinner I played the violin so Omi and Opi could see how much I have learned. Here is a picture of me playing.

Then we drove back to Wolverine Lake, fell asleep in the car, and, fortunately, Katie did not throw up again on this trip home.

We will send more reports from Wolverine Lake very soon.

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