Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun with the Riordans!

The following is a selection of photos showing some of our many recent activities. These photos are in chronological order, approximately, and they've been selected for your viewing pleasure by Malcolm and Henry. Some of the early pictures are before our cousins, Shae, Atlee, and Greeley arrived, with their parents, Susan and Rich. But most of these are when we were all together, thus the name of this post, Fun with the Riordans!

We hope that these photos are self explanatory because we're all pretty tired now and ready to settle in for the first chapter of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Thinking of all of you, bye.


  1. Yes! There's been tennis played! and I love the city boy fishing look with a black shirt open over jeans! I'm also thrilled to see Malcolm wearing the sleeveless Tcheurte (Henry's spelling) that I mended the morning before they left! And of course a little intellectual down-time with Omi, great! Monique looks great too in the few photos we actually see her in. Henry will have to take a few more of her, OK? Kisses, Maman

  2. Max and Stella's favorite photo is Malcolm doing a Patiobaot look-a-like... And Oh, what a joy to have cousins! Manam, again

  3. Hello c'est moi j'éspére ke vous alllez bien et ke vous vous amusez bien.Bravo pour les bass ke vous avez attrapé.Bon je vous dit a bientot!!
    gros bisoux tout le monde!!! ;)


  4. I enjoyed the never before seen shot of Greeley peeling the skin off of Henry's back. You just don't see that sort of thing every day!

  5. Susan, what you may not know about is the commentary that went along with that skin peeling photo. Henry was thinking about it last night as he and Malcolm chose the pictures... and he said, repeating Greeley perfectly, "Dude, you have a sun burn." When we heard that little, tiny girl say that, enry and I laughed and laughed. She was so nonchalant about it all, so casual... too funny.

    Michelle, you have so many stories coming about all that is depicted in the photos!