Sunday, January 31, 2010

For Family viewing only! (Just a little ditty by Mom as an echo to Arsen's "The Face on Facebook")

If I were on FaceBook, this would not be my face :

nor this one :

nor this one :

nor this one :

nor this :


Facebook's far too public for horrors like these!

No pimples!

No wrinkles!

No dimples!

Oh please?!!

If I were on Facebook, my face would be pretty!

My outline, artistic,

And, if possible, witty!

(Oups! That's Marylin, painted by Andy, but photographed by me and Sony Ericsson!
But somehow I bet you guessed, huh?)

Good-Bye January!


  1. Your faces, if you were on FaceBook, are wonderfully funny and spontaneous. The one you chose, on the other hand, is not only "pretty", it is downright aristocratic, not to say haughty, and quite beautiful. The framing is stylishly decorative...all you need are the riches to keep up such appearances. And these being absent is not your fault but our fate...
    I say, let us see more of the spontaneous you we love, Miss Funny Face!

  2. Great pictures!
    Thanks for sharing them. I will think twice before deleting that next atrocious picture of myself... remembering that it may bring a smile to somebody else!

    Oops, that makes it sounds like some of these are atrocious, and, that's not what I meant... you know. In fact,t he atrocious ones I'll keep deleting but the odd ones, on the edge of atrocious, those I'll keep from now on.