Monday, January 25, 2010

So, what's new in 2010?

Well, not much actually. Things are so slow around here these days we're going to have to get out some old Christmas photos to illustrate this post! This chipper smiley face here, for instance, dates back to somewheres in late '09. Mom made it with kristollen, candied chestnuts and the dessert plates she bought in Tourraine with Isabelle last summer.

Happy new year, by the way. You might think we pirates are a bit late with our greetings but here in Paris, France (where we still live in the same old apartment as last year), we're allowed to say "Happy New Year!" till the 31st of January. So "Happy New Year, groupies!" Sorry we've kept you waiting. You've been hankering for some piratey news for way too long now, haven't you?

Well, the most important thing is probably that I, Malcolm that is, got some pretty cool new Pokemon cards for Christmas. You may admire them here :

I also got a new pair of dancing shoes which look rather rustic but which are more appropriate to the rainy climate of Alsace than my blue-green-green-blue suede sneakers.

Next most important pirate news : Henry got a new scooter! (And a lovely pair of black mittens that Omi sent back with Mom from a Kohl's shopping trip they went on together in November, remember? Hey, that rhyms! They didn't tell anybody this at the time but, Mom and Omi didn't do a whole lot of shopping that day. They found those mittens for Henry then...

...they kicked back on some home massage chairs for the rest of the afternoon! Mom loved it, but Omi thought it tickled a bit!)

So anyway, Henry got a new scooter...

which he's even willing to lend it to Stella who looks downright elegant on it, don't she now?

(That's her new Bob Marley scarf hanging around her neck and fluttering in the breeze behind her as she races elegantly along. Santa Claus gave it to Gilles - Papa's brother - who then gave it to Stella on the 24th of December.) But even if Stella's elegant, Henry's still best : "Look, Mom, no hands!"

Even Mom had a go...

...after a shaky start she became rather brazen :

"Look, son, one foot!"

"Look, son, one HAND, one foot!"
(We'll be kind enough not to show her falling off.)

But Henry remains the Queen of the trampoline!
"Look, Mom, sideways!", sorry, that would be more like the Seigneur of scooters!
(Seigneur is the cool French word for lord but it begins with an s so it goes better with scooter.)

So what else is new?

Well, we got a new shower curtain and, speaking of watery spaces, Le Fish's tank also got a few upgrades...'s hard to see here but that thing embedded in the pebbles at the bottom is in fact a sunken frigate...

... Le Fish also likes his new zen tower which has a hole in the back that he can hide in waiting stealthily to take a passing Beta Splendens unawares (where there's a hole, there's hope!)...

...and he enjoys his sitting'll probably be needing a close up of that :

So I guess there is more new stuff going on around here than I'd thought at first. Like, we invented a new game last night too. It's called "Stick'em up!"...

...No, no, not your hands! Your FEET!

Another name for this game is :

"How many belgian pirates can do handstands in the livingroom without knocking the lightbulb out of the light socket in the ceiling?"

Answer :


... no, make that, TWO...

... no wait! Make that THREE!!!

It all started with a challenge, of course. All of us other pirates wanted to show that we too could hold the famed Black-Scorpio breakdancing position as well as Henry can.

Needless to say...

...we can't. (Even Papa tried but he said that 2010 would be the year of the divorce if Mom put the picture she got of him on the blog...) Finally, we decided just to do some of your more basic breakdance moves...

...then things got a little out of hand!

Yep, that sure beat doing homework. That's for sure!

Speaking of homework, Stella has homework once again! That's the real news. (For those of you who are not on Facebook that is and who don't live with her - um, that'd be you, I guess, Monique...) Yep, Stella finally got assigned to a school she thinks she'll actually go to. It's called Lycée Hélène Boucher. Here's a picture :

And here's a picture of the gal it's named for :

She was a pilote. Won the women's world record for speed on the 11th of August, 1934. She died in a plane crash just three months later... She sounds like a wild lady! Maybe Stella will feel at home in a school named for her. We hope so and remember, where's there's a hole there's hope!


  1. I am so happy to find that the first pirate blog of the year 2010 continues the excellent reportage from 2009. Of course, we greatly missed reading about and seeing the recklessly wild lives of those urban Parisian pirates unleashed...but mostly I just wanted to be assured that all the Parets, including le fish, are well so far in 2010.
    Stella's new school environment seems to fit perfectly with her inclinations and interests. Even the school building looks as elegant as Stella looks svelte scootering down the Hageneau Boulevards.
    I wish you all Bon Chance in all you do and a Very Happy 2010. And please keep up the flow of pics and news reports. We all love them!

  2. Terrific kickoff. What dynamism in still pictures. I reel. Yes, we had early news of Stella's school, but it is best to get these things complete with pics and illuminating history from an authoritative source like the Pirates!

  3. I was wondering what those pirates were up to.

    Shea loves his scooter. He can't be bothered to learn to ride a bike because he loves his scooter so.

    Happy New Year's guys!

  4. Welcome back and happy new year!

    What fun to hear what you all have been up to, and see some of it too.

    Thierry, how is it that you can be such a wonderful actor, with such stage presence and yet be so camera shy?

    Stella, thrilled to hear about the new school. I'd love to hear more. It looks like it'll be a hike to walk to based on the map I was looking at. About as far again from your house as the Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, no? I guess I'd better just get with the program and get onto Facebook...

    Max, the handstands are nice but, ah, where are your essays? I anxious to hear what happens with Pony Boy next.

    Henry, the scooter looks great. I hope you're still enjoying it thoroughly. On Skype I couldn't see it very clearly but in these photos I can. Nice scooter!

    Malcolm, that picture of you from behind the new shower curtain is very articist looking. Nice! And all those action shots of you, Henry and Max made me think of the great pictures Henry and I took of you this summer, jumping into the lake. I'll have to send a few by e-mail, so you can remember the feeling of hot sun and cold water.

    La Fish, I just love your new gargoyle. The place is looking ever better.

    Michelle, I hope the book is coming along, little by little, as you have time!

    I'll be watching for holes because, as I learned in this post, where there's a hole, there's hope!

    Much love.