Monday, April 5, 2010

Chocolate Pigs, Dragon Eggs and Trumpets!

Happy Easter to all!

We sure had a nice one. Even if Mom had to work on Easter Sunday and Henry has been away on a class trip since last Monday, so the house was a bit calm, we still had a good Easter because, here in France, Easter Monday is also a holiday!!!

Papa and I - Malcolm that is - prepared for the feast. We bought this lovely chocolate pig...

...which I chose and which I was really looking forward to eating! (Oh, by the way, do you like my new, Baby Milo sweatshirt? Mom got it for me to cool my seething anger at the fact that Henry has gone on another class trip, for the third year in a row, while I have to stay in Paris and go to school!)

Anyway, as I was saying, we got this very big, lovely, chocolate pig for Easter! I would have liked to eat it straight away but I had to wait. And wait and wait and wait. Wait till it was actually Easter, then wait till Mom got back from work Sunday. Then, when she got home, she said we'd have it on Monday, so Max and Stella could be there too since they were both out Sunday evening. Then on Monday morning, we had to wait till Max and Stella woke up which was late, late, late since it was a holiday. Then I had to wait, wait, wait till we'd all finished lunch. Then I had to wait till the coffee was made, then finally, FINALLY, Mom and Papa were ready! It's a good thing I'm a patient kinda guy. As I was waiting, I took all sorts of pictures of the pig :

And, it's a pretty lucky thing I did have to wait before eating it because that way I took a real good look at it and after a while I noticed that in fact it was not ONE pig but actually...

...TWO pigs! Look closely! Yep! That's a lady pig, there - a big, fat, lady pig - sitting on a gentleman pig! Happily crushing the gentleman pig flat, flat, flat! Mom could not believe her eyes! "Sexist chocolate figurines! Only in Paris," she cried!

I didn't care though... was time to open that baby up!

The opening process was much easier than an Easy-Cut Coconut, believe you me!

YUM! More chocolate inside!!!

I did the honors!

I bit the old porker's nose off! Then Mom, after stealing his/her yellow ribbon...

...bit the old porker in the butt!

Papa, being French, is much more refined, of course...

Then Mom tried to pretend she's actually refined too, taking artsy photographs and all...

...and I admired the interior of a chocolate dragon's egg...

...Max was Starbuck's struck and Stella didn't want any photos of her this time...

But just seconds after we'd bit into the gentleman pig's hiney - we even wondered if it was not some secret signal sent out by him, perhaps - Naïm's father called, then came over for coffee with Naïm's little brother Sami - don't know if you've had the pleasure of meeting Sami before?

Here he is in the pouf! (Naïm, having been out late with Max, prefered to stay home.) And here he is...

...with HENRY! on a different sun-filled afternoon. (Mom said "We can't have a Pontoon Pirates post without Henry, now, can we?") And here's Sami... our piège à invités (that means guest trap, no child comes into our house without...

... at some point getting caught in the guest trap. Ouch!) Today, Sami enjoyed my trumpet :

But seeing the state of my chocolate pigs AFTER Sami's departure... wonders if the trumpet was the only thing he had in his mouth this afternoon...I'm afraid that on Thursday, when Henry gets home from his third class trip in a row, there won't be even a tiny smidgen, not even the smallest sliver, of the piggish chocolate pair left...Ah, life's little injustices! Poor Henry!


  1. Chocolate pigs, really? And pigs that were full of other chocolate candies and things. Wow, very nice.

    Well chosen, Malcolm!

    We had the more traditional chocolate rabbits here in Michigan. This suited Kaite quite nicely since she loves, as you know, rabbits! Being a dog, she was not allowed to taste the rabbit but the shape was pleasantly familiar to her. And our rabbits are solid. Yummy.

    Those dragon eggs looked awfully nice too. Perhaps you can save just one of those for Henry, even if he is in the lucky, traveling class and you, Malcolm, seem to be in the unlicky nontraveling one. Too bad you two aren't identical twins, the sort who might be able to pull of a little switcheroony...

    Thanks for the news!

  2. I love that it's a pig and not a bunny. And a pig full of white chocolate fish and such things! yum, yum, yum.

    The Gettysburg Family kids were allowed to begin the candy eating as soon as they woke up on Sunday- all day- until bedtime Sunday night. Spoiled rotten monkeys they are.

    Happy belated Easter!

  3. I am beginning to suspect that the preference for PIGS is a genetic predisposion. Your mom, Malcolm, was a "pigophile" once, a long while ago, as you can see in the way she lustily bites into this pig. Ask her, see if she remembers. But unlike you, she was not a very patient girl - then. That trait must have come from your Papa as may have your much more refined nibbling on the chocolate pig's nose...
    I admire the photos you took and am also impressed with your generosity towards Henry and Sami. You even allowed him to practice on your wonderful trompet. Not everyone would have permitted this, I believe.
    Thank you for sharing with us your TWO Easter holidays, you lucky Frenchies!