Wednesday, September 1, 2010

...are back after three months' break for summer vacation!

Well, almost three months. During that time, some of us did actually drum up the energy necessary to wish happy birthday to Stella and just to say hello. Once. But now we're back! Back for a new school year! Which only starts tomorrow, thank Zeus, so for now, let's quickly tell you what's new around here!

Max has a new keffiƩ and a few new bracelets which he brought back from Israel (Jaffa, maybe...)(He still likes his old Starbucks mug for his morning coffee though.).

He didn't mind sharing his new headgear with Papa who looks remarkably like Yasser Arafat, we think.

Stella has a new rat. Well, new to the blog at least :

This is not a very good picture but it's the best you're going to get because Mom is boycotting the rat so El Andy - that's his name - doesn't get many photo ops.

Malcolm has a new earring!!! We even have an entire video of Stella piercing his ear but we won't be able to post that tonight. Here's a small taste of Malcolm's incredible courage though :

And last but not least...

...Mom and Papa have a new stove!!!! It's so shiny we can take pictures of ourselves in it even after having made grilled cheese sandwiches on it for the very first time ever!

Mom especially likes the oven door. She finds those quite handy for checking out if your hair is still looking alright after a long day of cooking.

Here's wishing you all many long days of whatever!


  1. So very happy to see you all back together again. I don't understand, however, why El Andy should be an outcast. I find him as sweet and cuddly, with those delicately pink ears, as any pet rabbit.

    Three cheers also for Malcolm's amazing courage and Stella's ear-piercing skills.

    But really! Thierry, even in the keffie, looks handsome and kind, quite unlike that other fellow...

    And that shiny, new, multifunction stove is truly dazzling. Happy cooking to all, and may that door remain unbreakable for a very long time!

    But what has become of Jerry? I wondered....

  2. Hey, news from Paris. How nice!

    Finally, a picture of El Andy.
    I agree with Mom, Thierry is much, much more handsome than Arafat!
    Malcome, with an earring? Wow.
    The stove, what a beauty.


  3. Oh, and best wishes for the new school year! Around here it doesn't start until Tuesday of next week.

  4. Oh, and Max, you look rather handsome yourself, sitting there so... peacefully.