Friday, September 3, 2010

By Popular Demand (Part TWO)

HeeeeeeeeeeRES Jerry!!

If there's an open bag lying about...

...Jerry will soon be in it.

(In that picture up there, Jerry has just climbed into Mom's new back pack. You know, the one she bought to bike in Canada with? The minute she opened it to take out presents the day we got back, Jerry immediately climbed in to see if there were any for him. We think he was after the sardines we got at Rocky's.)

And what do you figure Henry - whom Mom figured should probably also appear in this blog since he hasn't been in the last three... - has in his bag?

If you said "JERRY!"...

...then you figured right!

Wherever we are...

...Jerry will usually be somewhere close at hand, like here, curled up in a dirty frying pan or..., helping to empty the dishwasher.

But sometimes he gets tuckered out from all that housework and then, unlike some haiku-worthy beagles we know, Jerry will...

...go to sleep in his cage.

Ain't he sweet?

We like him.


  1. Thank you, thank you for letting us all admire Jerry, the sweetest kitty. I am still waiting for the time and photos when Jerry and el Andy will become pals. Perhaps they will even do housework too and then... curl up together in Jerry's cage. Do you think?

    Oh yes, Henry and Stella also needed some exposure. So thanks, both are nearly as photogenic, in my view, as sweet and cuddly Katie, el Andy and Jerry, those lovable pets.

  2. Yippee, more photos. My, Jerry is a cutie and El Andy, quite an activy little guy but, happily, not huge as I worried he may have become in your absense, Stella.

    Cheerio, my dear pirates!

  3. Are the Pontoon Pirates out to sea on a mission, or where are they hiding? I want to see them and hear more of their reckless activities...soon, I hope.

  4. Hey, I'm with Brigitte... Love to see a quickie update on ife in Paris.

    All we know is that you guys are striking up a storm.