Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday Omi! The first day of your 80th year has dawned and set and we've decided that to honor this special year we pirates here in Paris will give you a weekly post at least. They might be short but we'll try to be faithful to the rythmn.

So here's number one!

Cheers to you from all of us.

So, what's new around here, you might ask?

Well, I - Malcolm that is - did catch a weird illness...

... Fluorescent Green Monster Mouth the doctor said it was. Very frightening to look at but innocuous enough from a medical point of view. Needless to say, I did not die of it.

Jerry didn't die either...

...but he did use up another of his lives, falling out the window AGAIN on January first. He must have wanted to say "Happy New Year" to the sidewalk downstairs... Um, not a good plan. The vet came - yes, there are emergency vets in Paris who work on Jan 1. They don't work for free, but then who does? - and gave him a bunch of shots and he was all better until...ten days later he began vomiting incoercibly and no matter what we did he would not eat or drink anything without vomiting until he was finally hospitalized for 48 hours with x-rays, and ultrasounds, IV drip and blood work,they even wanted to do a CAT scan - of course! - but Mom drew the line at that. and then he came home...

...and found his favorite spot on the dryer and we are all very happy! Mom and Papa are especially happy he has finished his antibiotics because they were making him finicky!

To teach him some manners...

...they considered feeding him from our lovely new plates...

...but they thought better of it...

...they figured all this refinement might just make the problem worse...

...or intimidate him...

...Yikes! This guy's something else, isn't he? We love our new plates and

we luv Omi!

Just one problem with the plates: No Beagle! To remedy that : a haiku.

Nos assiettes sont
Belles, mais Katie Le Beagle
Manque à l'appel!

Still, the biggest news of all remains the birth of our new baby cousin - once - removed on the 17th of November, 2010...

...Meet Clement!

He's got the makings of a fine pirate, wouldn't you say?

We sure think so!


  1. Welcome back, at long, long last, you dear pirates! It’s such a relief to see and hear from you; I had already begun to fear you were lost at sea…. It must have been a hard journey, you both look a tad weary and tired to me.

    Is it possible to feel love streaming into me straight from this blog? Or what is that warm, fuzzy feeling I have just now as I am looking at photos of you all and reading about non-pirately stuff?

    Your newest cousin, Clement, though very gentle and sweet now, does show potential for becoming a fierce pirate in the future, I agree.

    That French haiku is most welcome! It helps to preserve my faith in French culture. Thank you, Stella!

    Thank you, thank you all for these lovely birthday greetings and a general update on family, including the accident-prone cat.

    If I were asked to guess what that dreadful disease may be that Malcolm has caught, I would have to say that it may have something to do with eating too many green veggies, and not likely to be related to the general "greening of France". He may just be the first one in the family to come down with this. But I warn all of you: beware of too much peppermint-chocolate chip ice cream, especially Max!

    Bur Please do keep on blogging!

  2. YEAH!!!!!
    Welcome back, Pontoon Pirates.
    Love all the news and photos.
    And the new photo at the top of the blog, of pirates on a train in winter... excellent!

  3. I should clarify... the news about Jerry I did not love. Out the window AGAIN? Holy cow... I'm so glad he's mending. But, it does make you wonder when he'll learn a bit of care about heights, no?

    Oh, and
    Welcome Clemont!

  4. Katie the Beagle (TM) Properties, LP, a subsidiary of the Patio Boat Corp.'s United Loonies, Inc., Division thanks you for the lovely French haiku, and reminds you that we *do* take royalties payments in Euros. Or liver snaps. Whatever.