Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Well, tons of things are up as you might well imagine. And some things are down as well. Ah, the ups and the downs. The most important stuff we'll let Mom tell you by telephone. Here on the blog we just basically have fun, right? So what fun have we had lately?

We played Rummikub which I - Henry that is - won! That's always an UP.

Jerry wanted to play too.

The shelves in the closet fell (that'd be a DOWN) and we had to empty it all out. But then Mom let us...

...sleep in it for one night before she redid them. That was an UP. I hung up my lizard lantern and Malcolm...

...set up his blue ghost lamp (both UPs of course as the preposition indicates) ...

...but Malcolm also enjoyed playing with his green laser pointer. It makes really cool light patterns (up and down the walls...). We didn't sleep very well but it was fun any how.

The next day Mom put up the new shelves and then...

...Jerry wanted to sleep there too!

For about half a second Mom thought maybe our life might look and feel like an Ikea ad...

Ah, bliss! least for a while...

...but then reality set in again. That would be both an UP and a DOWN as reality always is, right? The rod is UP but the clothes are hanging DOWN (which is actually an UP)...

With the extra wood Mom and I sawed off the boards for the shelves I invented a new game...

...I chose a simple name for it. In all modesty I call it HENRY BALL!

El Andy's UP!

The CEO of the one person enterprise Sunshine Cleaning...

...almost mooned us!

(Another definite UP even if he was DOWN on all fours.

A definite DOWN is the fact that Malcolm and I spilled sweet coffee on the keyboard of Max's computer two days ago. The u, y and h keys reallyyyyyyyy, reallyyyyyyyyyyyy stick now. Big, big DOWN. Especially for this post, huh?)

Here's a little phenonomon that Mom and I found DOWNright fascinating:

Did you all get that? Here, watch again :

Did YOU know that water would stand still in a funnel like that? We sure didn't expect that to happen! It was veryyyyyyyy exciting! A definite UP! Life's sure full of surprises, huh?

And here's one last surprise folks :


I came DOWN The dreaded Black Tongue disease! Don't worry ! It's not contagious even if blogging is! At least in our familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


  1. Can a whole Pirate Clan be my Valentine? YES, I claim all of you as MY Valentines! And that includes Jerry and el Andy, of course.

    Thanks for letting me in on your daily excitements. I wish I could be a spider somewhere in your apartment, then I could observe these amazing adventures from many angles with my multiple eyes.

  2. Wonderful lessons in physics, two out of three dimensions mentioned. Water flow, gravity, the works. Then, of course, there's left and right. And I notice that in this clan only two people wear their watches on the right wrist. One pic, above, identifies one of the two...

  3. To continue the Up/Down theme a bit from our house:
    The snow mounds are DOWN;
    The temperatures are UP;
    I go Up the Downstairs and DOWN the Upstairs;
    Katie is UP on her favorite chair (Arsen's);
    Katie is DOWN in the basement with Arsen;
    The squirrels run UP the tree;
    Katie sits DOWN waiting for them to come DOWN again so she can chase them UP on the garage roof.

    Hope Henry’s HORRIBLE black-tongue disease did not go DOWN to Jerry or el Andy too...
    And I also hope that your closet rod and shelves stayed UP.

    Good night all.

  4. This post is a real upper!