Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Fishing Pictures

We've been having much fun fishing on Wolverine Lake over the past few days, between such activites as a birthday party for Opi, a visit to the Highland Games festival in Livonia, Michigan, and some tubing. Here are some shots of the sorts of fish we've been catching. And in case anyone is thinking that these are multiple shots of the same fish, well, you are wrong. These are all different fish caught over the last two days. You will notice that so far, the large Carp has eluded us but Malcolm is certain that he will catch one before this summer visit is over... Stay tuned.

Looking down their throats is a particularly interesting thing.

And we caught one, small snapping tutle with a net.

1 comment:

  1. Of course those are all different fish! As different as the smell of two different rabbits is different to the delicate, discerning nose of Katie the Beagle! I think some bass and sunny haiku is in order here, folks!
    And, wow, that tiny snapping turtle makes me think I'm happy to still have both my pinkie toes and I will NEVER swim all the way across Lake Wolverine again! Next year he'll be twice as big...