Monday, August 10, 2009

A day at the Fair

What a fun day. Right after lunch we headed out to the Eastern Michigan Fair, in Imlay, Michigan, about a hour and a half from Wolverine Lake. We were excited and hoping that the Zipper ride would be there. And, it was!!! So, that's where we started our adventure at the fair.

Oh, the waiting...

Finally, we're loading...

Yes, those are our hands, holding on and ready to go!


We went on the Zipper several times and it was always fabulous. But, there were other ride to try too... like the Super Shot. It takes you up slowly.

And up, and up, and up...

It is hard to imagine just how high you go, slowly, and steadily.

Then, suddenly, you fall. It is terrifying but fun.

One of our favorite rides this year was the Fire Ball, but we didn't get a photo of it that shows the whole ride. It's a huge ring on which a sort of train car runs in a complete circle, slowly at first, stopping at the top so you hang, upside down for several seconds and then it goes round and round the circle, faster and faster... Here are a bunch of pictures of us on that ride.

If you look carefully, we're in the lead car here.

This was such fun but no matter what we said, Monique wouldn't try it. She did do the Super Shot with us, once, but not the Zipper, and not the Fire Ball.

One other ride that was scary and fun was one that only I would do at first (Henry) but finally I got Malcolm to try it too. It was called the G-Force and here are a few shots of this ride, though not very clear ones as, well, it was really high and moved really fast, making it hard for Monique to capture on camera.

While the rides were much fun, there were also aminals to see. We saw a pig auction, some big cows in a barn, and some wonderfully soft baby goats.

We got to try sitting on some of the sorts of motor cycles that are used in Motor Cross racing, which we also got to see in action as Thursday night was Motor Cross Racing Night at the Eastern Michigan Fair. There were competitors there as young 6 years old...

As the light faded and night fell we headed over to where the circus was and watched a number of entertaining acts, tigers and lions, elephants and juggelers, a clown with a curious little dog and a boy on a beautiful horse. But most of this was not captured photographically as the light was fadding. Perhaps you can make out some of the truly lovely cats in this act.

And when the circus was over we even got to ride an elephant which was a lot of fun. He moved in such a curious way. It felt really funny and lathough it was a short ride, it was worth it!

The last act was saw was hard to describe, especially right now as we are tired and it is late. But, it was called motor cycles in a ball and it was just that, two and then three motor cycles driving around in a 14 foot, metal ball cage... You simply must see this to believe it! Henry captures some of it on his video camera... which, perhaps, we'll be able to post here tomorrow.

After the circus, some carnival games, and an elephant ear (a delightful, sweet, fired dough treat) we had one more ride on the Fire Ball and then headed for the car and a long ride home where stories of Katie's adventures awaited us.

Right now, though, we're too tired to tell you about those so we suggest that you look at Uncle John's blog for the story of Katie's adventures while we were at the fair!

All of this happened on Thursday and since then we've done more: bolwing with Omi and Opi; fishing; swimming, and shopping. We'll share more stories soon but for now, we must sign off, wishing you all a good night (or day).


  1. Wow! That Fire Ball was going so fast I just couldn't tell if Fern Arable and Henry Fussy were sitting in the car behind Malcolm and Henry Not Fussy. One thing is for sure though, the pig was NOT Zuckerman's terrific Wilbur! An entire day at the fair! How fun!The evening pictures and your enthusiasm reminded me of Charlotte's Web. Henry Not Fussy looks almost regal upon the back of that elephant and some day I'm guessing Malcolm will actually drive the motorcross bike. Just one tiny remark though. I was under the impression that the metal ball into which the motorcycles were placed was free floating. I'd imagined it rolling wildly around an arena while the cyclists roared inside it... Thierry, having had no preconceived ideas before seeing the picture, was duely amazed, though, I assure you!

  2. That carnival thoroughly beat the socks off our Gettysburg Carnival. No lions, elephants or motorcycles in a ball. Now I may be disappointed with our carnival next year.

  3. Paris may have the Eiffel Tower, the Arc D'Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc., but Imlay, Michigan, had Motorcycles in a Ball for a full week, and that's not bad.