Saturday, August 8, 2009

Omi takes us school shopping

On Wednesday we headed to the east side of town to meet Omi at Kohl's for some back-to-school shopping. Thanks Omi & Opi for the new clothes and shoes!

Here's a picture of some of our new gear.

When we were done shopping we went off to the pool to enjoy some swimming and exploring of the lovely Pointe Park.

And, in case you didn't notice Malcolm's new shoes, here's a special picture of them. Check out the special shiny finish. Malcolm was checking it out every few minutes, all afternoon Wednesday...

Meanwhile, Henry wore his flip-flops so he could save his new shoes for later.

A really nice day.

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  1. Oh, boy! those shoes and shirts look so spiffy!!!!! But I think Malcolm's pants must have come from the second hand shop...or else they need washing... Just kidding you! I know it's "trop stylé" comme ça! Stella a déjà déclaré qu'elle compte bien emprunter le tcheurte singe de Henry...Thank you so much Omi for the beautiful things. And thank you too Monique for taking those boys over to the east side. Looks like you're having fun. But now we'll call! Bisous