Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pirates in Paris!

We're back! After an all-nighter on the Air France Red-Eye, where Malcolm slept and Henry watched films and listened to music and perhaps slept too, maybe an hour or so... we arrived at Roissy - that's the cool Parisian name for Charles de Gaulle airport - on time. Our parents, on the other hand, were ten minutes late so we had to wait in a small, glass-encased booth guarded by a muscular flight attendant, like criminals! Thanks, Mom! (If they're late, you can be sure it's mom's fault.) We finally got our bags and headed back to the RER - that's the cool Parisian name for the suburban commuter trains that take you to the airport and back. Of course, we had to stop for photos along the way...

As you can see, we're getting closer and closer to home. We were happy to find ourselves back at the subway stop where we waited patiently on the way TO the States for Papa to go back home and get our passports which we'd forgotten. (Do pirates need passports, you might ask? Well, we figured they wouldn't let us take our poison sea water on to the plain so we could drug the capitain and parachute down onto US territory incognito so, we opted for a more official route.) Anyway. Metro then the long haul up Ménilmontant. Perhaps Monique trembled with remembered fear upon seeing the picture of the Super Shot in the poster behind us at Ménilmontant metro stop? We figure we might go check out the fair, see if ye' old Paris ain't got the Eiffle tower, le Sacré coeur and maybe motorcycles in a ball too...

As soon as we walked in the door, Malcolm took over Max's poof again and Max took over Henry's Viking cap and Stella admired Malcolm's very cool, new, Nike tennis shoes before trying on her own new Converse then, immediately, composing an ode to us homecoming pirates.

There was joy, there was dance in our happy home in France!

Papa was particularly thrilled with Omi's gifts. He let me, Henry, and him, Malcolm, use his lefty glove when we played ball at the park in the evening. We had cheese pizza on the grass! In the end, we dropped off to sleep, one after the other, in Max's room while watching him play Worlds of Warcraft on line... Miraculously, we woke up in our very own beds at 11:45 am the next morning. Must have been Peter Pan or good fairies or something? After a good night's rest, Mom served us the best apricot jam in the world for breakfast. Don't know where she gets the stuff but it's DElicious!

Wolverine lake was paradise for us pirates but home's all right too. We won't be staying long, though, we're off to music camp tomorrow at dawn! ARRRRRR!


  1. Bienvenue chez vous!

    The amazing improvement in English composition notable in this superb entry tells us here, in the boonies of Michigan that doughnuts have linguistic powers of which the Industry, thus far has been utterly ignorant.

    One also suspects the machinations of a ghost, meaning a Ghost Writer, here. Let it be noted that the first ever blog entry composed by a certain person has been produced pour les enfants.

    Another thought does surface, however. It is that Pontoon Pirates might morph into Parets de Somalia, or some such thing. By all means keep it coming. These pictures complete a circle--which ought to be reopened into a spiral...

  2. Your journey home complete and new stories beginning already. I love it!

    What a great post.
    Thank you for the news and wonderful photos.

    I look forward to more news of music camp and the fair in Paris and adventures of all sorts.