Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A full weekend of activites

On Saturday we all headed out to the Highland Games, a sort of Celtic festival though not the same one we have visited in past years.
Here, Omi is watching the bag pipe bands with us.

Watching the caber toss, which is something to see. Men in kilts actually pick up and try to toss a pole as large as a telephone pole. And some actually do it!

John decided to pass on the caber toss and competed in the haggis throw instead, coming in third.

Looking through the shops is, of course, an important part of any Celtic or Highland Games festival.

Buying a good festival T-shirt is fun too.

On Sunday, Mike and Lisa took us out on their wonderful wakeboarding boat to do some tubing. It was such fun. Henry stayed out on the tub as long as his hands could grip the tub. Malcolm stayed out until he was tired of the bumping and watch the rest from the front of the boat, launging in comfort on the bow.

John watched the proceedings and even ventured out into the sun a bit.

Katie did some adventuring on her own.

And Malcolm ended up buried in sand...

Monday was quiet, we did dishes, a bit of shopping and tried to rescue a floaty chair that blew away. Monique ended up having to rescue the rescuers...

We also played Dungons and Drageons thanks to John being a very rigorous dungeon master.

On Tuesday we tried bowling for the first time. We both caught on quickly and did quite well. Now, we look forward to challenging Omi, Opi, Monique and John to a game soon.

To end a nice Tuesday, some fishing off the dock.

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  1. What a wonderful looking weekend, packed full of good times. All the pictures made me smile, because it looked like you were having a great time!