Friday, August 28, 2009

On the cliffs of Eyzahut (part one) : Le trou du Furet

Those enticing cliffs... How they called to us!

After lunch at the pool, the plan was : conquer the famed mountain of the Poët, climb to the fetid Ferret's hole and picnic on the plains above.

Here we go!

Accompanied by butterflies.

Over rocks...

... through the woods...

... following the red and yellow blazes...

Mom was WAY, WAY behind, but she kept her Leica's eagle eye on us from afar.


There we were! Le trou du Furet!

Henry went the farthest.

(Mom and Stella - disguised as pirates - had already gone a couple days before at a different time of day. Here are their photos taken with Mom's Sony Ericsson telephone. It has a pretty good eagle eye too, huh? Let's say a hawk's eye, maybe...

Then hunger over took us and we left le Trou to go picnic on the plains.

Those pictures will be part two!


  1. Oh, man, what a fun trip it looks like you're having. That town looks like a slice from the distant past, and the landscape around it, wow, beautiful. It looks as if your weather has been delightful as well.

    Clearly, the Pontoon Pirates are having a most memorable summer and since you're keeping this blog up, we can all share in it a bit. Such fun!

    That climb you did looks substantial. The views from the top are magnificent and the one captured through the opening in the rocks is lovely. By the way, the very first photo in this post at first looked to me as if there was a pure, white horse standing up on the cliff, becoming you... like Shadowfax. Once I looked more closely, I saw that what had looked like Shaowfax was actually an opening in the rocks, letting light through.

    My favorite picture in this series... well, it quite hard to pick just one... but the picture taken from afar, showing Paret children's limbs all reaching up through the trees and bushes, well, that's a gem. It looks like some sort of wildlife shot. Stella resting on the rocks, looking hot, tanned, and relaxed is also lovely. Well, they all are, really.

    Malcolm, I like your hair cut.

    I'll send more news from here soon. Right now, it is pouring rain and very cool, as it has been all week.


  2. Wonderful postings. Brigitte and I are reading them "bottom up," having suddenly discovered that a bunch have been added, one more delightfully designed than the other!

    We fear that with such examples and enticements, piracy will take off world-wide in a big way. The world is FINALLY discovering the wider dimensions of pirating, like music camps, bathing in well-water swimming pools, and exploring high mountain scenes straight out of Lord of the Rings!