Sunday, August 2, 2009

Opi's Birthday Party

The festivities began before the guest of honor even arrived. Henry and Monique made a lovely, if slightly thin, cherry pie. To make up for a lack of sufficient cherries, some peaches from John and Monique's tree were added. Then, Omi and Opi arrived and the afternoon was spent sharing fishing stories.

Omi on the porch watching Opi and the Pontoon Pirates fish.

Omi was put to work helping to unhook this poor, deeply hooked Rock Bass that Henry caught.

Nick stopped by to say happy birthday and Monique wanted a picture with him so that everyone could see just how much he's grown since last summer.

Bill and Theresa Smith stopped by to wish Opi a happy birthday too, and they brought brownies!

John, after dinner and a whole lot of work repairing fishing poles.

Opi & Omi, looking quite happy.

After dinner and cake--two cakes and brownies, actually--presents!

One of the first pictures taken by Opi with his new camera!

The guest of honor, at the end of a long day.
Good night.


  1. Happy birhtday dear Dad! And thank you Monique and John for making the celebration lovely and for keeping us up-to-date.

  2. It looks like a wonderful birthday! And just another day filled with terror for the fish population of Wolverine Lake!

  3. It was a day for remembering back, all the way to fishing, for carp, of course, at Palics when I was younger than Malcolm and Henry to fishing with my youngest grandchildren. What a span! The last picture shows the drag of the years...